Server keeps crashing

  • I tried playing 4 different mods and each one was installed new and correctly but all where still crashing after 1 hour with the message "force closed by remote host".

    I think this is the crash log but im not sure.

    #Edit Log File:…5b8tuzkt0j/debug.log/file

    #Edit & Update since today the vanilla server is crashing multiple times, i still don't know if this is the right log file but it just says "latest", I can't read/understand anything (complete noob here) and hope you all can help, thanks for any tipps. btw for the mod server problem i'll try that later on, (mod server running on my pc private works just fine no lags and no crashes and we are doing the same stuff on the serverhosting site. (server is not owned by me, my friend just cant post here because of something.

    #Edit Log File:…z3kz3a9pl/latest.log/file

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  • Hi!

    It looks like the server never got to a state where it would accept players. In the log you sent are no startup logs, apart from the following lines.

    If I remember correctly, a modded server has to generate a world. That means the following lines should appear in your log which they don‘t.

    The server seem to be shut down just before that happens as cofhworld was just done with parsing the world generation file.

    If you stopped the server, just let it start for five minutes until you attempt to connect. The startup process already took, before you stopped it, about four minutes. That may be the issue but I am not absolutely sure.

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